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Inner Vision
Inner Vision
Tune in to Real Reality.
Go beyond VR, AR, and all the mixed reality stuff.
Listen, we need no screens for this:
Close your eyes and open your soul.
Immersive sounds
Discover the power of natural beats.

When we simply let our ears receive the music of the living nature, these miraculous, exquisite sounds can help us calm down and come back to our senses, instead of running away from them into some virtual world.

We can practice in our garden, at the beach, in the forest, or — as an immersive visualisation — listen to these recordings and let visuals naturally appear in our mind’s eye.

Music Light Rain
Light Rain on Hollow Wood
Grégoire Chauvot

Listening to nature and listening to ourselves are not two different things. Actually, opening up our innate awareness to the sounds of nature has been proven to be extremely beneficial for our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Rediscover listening
Nature sounds.
Can u listen?

How about this? Instead of spending thousands of dollars on more screens to glue to your face, you can take some time right now to pause, listen, and be amazed.

It’s a truly radical act. Not instragrammable, but extremely rewarding: by regularly coming back to our senses we feel more spacious, more relaxed, we can sleep better.
Play it by ear.

We think that conscious listening is a gateway to re-learning to live a more quiet, calm, and meaningful life, one in which we feel more in harmony with the natural environment, with ourselves, and with each other.

That’s why we’re creating and curating world’s most diverse collection of immersive natural soundscapes:
so you can listen to and discover your own Inner Vision.

More than
800 recordings
from hundreds of field recordists
around the world.
0 profit
we are a registered charity,
access to nature is a human right.
Listen to nature sounds,
Fall in love with the Earth.
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